Happy New Year, and welcome to 2019! It was a great 2018 for Beyond Trophies. Since opening business at the beginning of the year, we have achieved many wonderful milestones. Our trophies were 100% on time, and we managed to cater to urgent requests at every turn. These were customers that other shops had turned away, and had nowhere else to go. Beyond Trophies has grown considerably in that short space of time, through loyal customers and word of mouth, and by a growing reputation that we offer first class awards and service, but at affordable prices. Yet in 2018, it was for another reason that Beyond Trophies truly shined. Beyond Trophies remains on the forefront of innovation and custom solutions. Most competing shops simply cannot provide this, whilst others refuse to. But throughout the year, Beyond Trophies provided wondrous custom trophies that have never before been done! Unique, personalized, and affordable awards, perhaps for the very first time for many clubs! Look no further than our Facebook page to behold what is possible! Your choices of awards are no longer confined to catalogues that rarely change much from year to year. In 2019, Beyond Trophies is adding 3D printing capabilities to the list. This will further enhance what is possible with our custom awards, and it will also provide a continuance of many components that have since been discontinued with suppliers. Looking forward, we will endeavor to provide the same friendly service and innovation to all clients, both new and old. Our reach will expand, and our growing number of associates will enhance what is possible for customers. It is exciting times ahead, and more importantly, it is exciting trophies ahead! – Beyond Trophies.