Beyond Trophies is an awards engraving business operating out of Heritage Park, Brisbane. We were once known as Marsden Trophies, but the business changed hands and was rebranded, becoming what it is today.

Beginning in 2018, Beyond Trophies has set out to correct a stagnating industry. Since the art style of awards has not changed much in many years, their perceived value has declined. Awards these days are more of a formality, rather than an exciting prize at the end of success.

In order to revitalize the industry, Beyond Trophies is at the forefront of fully customized awards catering to all budgets. These include things like Custom Trophies, Medallions, and Plaques. The difference in customized awards is that clubs can decide upon the design, down to the finest details. A popular example is a trophy shape built around a club logo, made using the club colours – thus associating the award closely with the club and giving it value by being ‘one-of-a-kind’.

The Beyond Trophies online store will offer template designs, as well as wondrous and unique craft trophies. We will endeavour to provide the kind of awards that no other shop can. This is what makes us special, and it is a glimpse of the future of awards that has been waiting patiently for too long.