3D Printed Trophies of the Future

Build it, and they will come. As consumers, we now live in an age where innovation is expected, and as such, is as common as daily news. In this thriving trend of progress, the awards industry is long overdue for that new great thing. Typically speaking; trophies, medallions, and plaques come from China in [...]

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Beyond Trophies in 2019

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2019! It was a great 2018 for Beyond Trophies. Since opening business at the beginning of the year, we have achieved many wonderful milestones. Our trophies were 100% on time, and we managed to cater to urgent requests at every turn. These were customers that other shops had [...]

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The Golden Retriever Club of Queensland

Have you ever wondered how deep a human’s devotion can be to the world of dogs? There are 339 breeds of dog recognized by the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale), and many of these breeds have individual clubs and associations all over the globe. Australia alone has the highest rate of pet ownership of any [...]

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Mother’s Day Event – Custom Acrylic Trophies

The best awards are hand crafted Beyond Trophies recently had the pleasure of creating custom trophies for Chem Events. The awards were for a Mother's Day event. It was a special occasion needing a greater level of class and finesse than what a standard trophy could offer. The Mother's Day Classic logo was used [...]

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Where to find Custom Plaques in Brisbane

Why size matters, and where you can get it Okay, this is not a male proportions article. But size is size, and when it comes to wooden plaques, big is beautiful. Beyond Trophies recently discovered that the demand for ‘Plus’ sized plaques exists. The problem is; wholesalers only supply plaques set to predefined dimensions. [...]

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Chinese Laser Engraver User Experience

Chinese laser engraving machines have come a long way over the years, proving invaluable in a variety of industries. Their capacity to cut and engrave a wide variety of materials is perfect for trophies, signage, crafts, and even personal novelties. Compared to many other industries, laser engraving has a low entry level requirement, yet [...]

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Introducing Fantasy Bead Wire Trees

Beyond Trophies is proud to present its first addition to the Craft Trophies range. In the spirit of bringing unique and fresh awards to the industry, Beyond Trophies is on a mission to seek out clever and meaningful crafts from local suppliers. This has led to a very special décor craze steadily gaining momentum in [...]

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