Have you ever wondered how deep a human’s devotion can be to the world of dogs? There are 339 breeds of dog recognized by the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale), and many of these breeds have individual clubs and associations all over the globe. Australia alone has the highest rate of pet ownership of any country, with 5.7 million households owning a pet (of the 9.2 million homes). To further refine this number, 3.6 million of those household pets are dogs.

Somewhere among this incredible statistic is the Golden Retriever Club of Queensland, a group of enthusiasts sharing their love and affinity for their dog breed of choice; the Golden Retriever. It is within this club that owners can contribute their knowledge and share stories, as well as promoting the right attitude and practices for breeding and maintaining Golden Retrievers. The club was formed on August 1971 by a group of twenty likeminded individuals – to promote the welfare of the Breed, and to improve the quality of all aspects of the Golden Retriever. To this day, the club has grown considerably, with a healthy legacy that hopes to last indefinitely.

As stated on their website, the objectives of the Golden Retriever Club of Queensland are as follows:

  1. To ENCOURAGE the general improvement of the quality, breeding, exhibiting and working of Golden Retrievers.

  2. To EDUCATE members, breeders and exhibitors to EMPOWER them in all matters concerning Golden Retrievers.

  3. To ENSURE the Club conducts Shows, Open Shows and Obedience Trials and hold fixtures as permitted by the Canine Control Council of Queensland.

  4. To ENCOURAGE good fellowship and sportsmanship amongst owners of Golden Retrievers, including the use of social media and in all levels of communication.

  5. To EMBRACE public interest in Golden Retrievers.

  6. That the Golden Retriever Club of Queensland Inc. should ENCOURAGE Breeders through EDUCATION to recognise all serious defects in the breed, and ENTRUST that their members will make realistic ENDEAVOURS to improve the overall quality of the Golden Retriever in terms of TYPE, CONFORMATION, TEMPERAMENT and HEREDITARY ABNORMALITIES.

Golden Retrievers are a popular breed of dog, as their friendly and tolerant attitude makes them ideal as family pets. Their intelligence and desire to work is sought after for things like; retrieving game for hunters, tracking, and sniffing out drugs for authorities. They are used in therapy and personal assistance as well. The typical Golden Retriever can grow to 2 feet tall, and has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. However, their friendly, approachable nature makes them less than ideal as guard dogs, so this is not the breed to play security for your home.

If you live in Brisbane or its surrounds, and if you are also a Golden Retriever owner, this club might be perfect for you. Visit their website at https://grcq.org.au/ for a wealth of useful information about the Golden Retriever, as well as details of the club’s competitions and gatherings.