Why size matters, and where you can get it

Okay, this is not a male proportions article. But size is size, and when it comes to wooden plaques, big is beautiful. Beyond Trophies recently discovered that the demand for ‘Plus’ sized plaques exists. The problem is; wholesalers only supply plaques set to predefined dimensions. This means that trophy shops and clients alike are forced to seek woodworkers, which can be expensive. In Brisbane, however, a ray of hope has shone through the clouds.

Custom plaques and honour boards are a new service provided by Beyond Trophies. Since most wholesale plaques don’t exceed 230mm x 305mm, this leaves a void for anyone shopping for larger dimensions. Not only this, but wholesalers do not give the choice of plaque edging, and colours are usually limited.

What Beyond Trophies can do

  • Custom shapes, be in rectangle, square, triangle, circle, shield, animal, etc.
  • A choice of routed edge styles.
  • Sizes that exceed normal suppliers, or custom dimensions.
  • A choice of colour finish, both painted and stained.
  • A choice of varnishing between gloss, satin, and matte.
  • A choice of wall mounting, like chain, string, hook, insert, etc.
  • Plaque accessories, such as logo centres, perpetuals, header plates, etc.
  • Engraving fill colour choice.
  • A choice of engraved face, laminated plastic plate, or clear acrylic.

To enquire about a custom plaque or honour board, click the button below.