Green Acres – 410mm


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Green Acres is 410mm tall, and is made up of acrylic and imitation pearl beads.

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Let me introduce you to the amazing world of Fantasy Bead Wire Trees.

Bead Wire Trees are extremely popular in Japan and the United States, being fashioned on the art of Bonsai, with the tree attached to a rock. My version, Fantasy Trees, has become so popular and a “must have”, that I wanted to share it with everyone.

I have created an amazing hobby and something that is unique in Australia. Depending on the size of the tree, it takes from two to five days to complete, with every tree being an individual. Photos do not do the trees justice, but seeing them for real, they are a picture of eye catching beauty. Fantasy Trees have been purchased for every room in people’s homes (teens love them), for the office and workplace, churches, prayer rooms, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement villages, weddings and also for gravesites. They are cheaper than a bouquet of flowers and last forever. They certainly make a wonderful and memorable gift for people of all ages. Hey, even the guys love them for on their bar, or in their man caves.

All the vases that I use are either glass, ceramic, wood or pottery, and of good quality, being purchased either here or overseas. I use florist wire and tape and the beads are either simulated pearls, glass, coloured and clear acrylics,  genuine crystals or wood beads. A lot of the beads that I purchase are from China, Malaysia or Hong Kong, as they have some amazingly different beads that are not available in Australia, and this gives me a greater variety when selecting the beads for the trees.

Fantasy Trees can also be sent to you by post. After a photo has been taken, the trees are folded back and sent to you as a “flat pack” for you to unfold the branches. The reason I have to send it this way is because, as yet, I have not found a way to send it to you as a completed tree and not get crushed. Your tree comes with pictured instructions on how to unfold the branches. It is quick, easy, and so much fun seeing your tree come alive. The tree will be firmly secured in the vase and all you have to do is unfold the branches like a Xmas tree.

The trees are made in three sizes, small, medium and large, which also dictates how many beads are used, and depending on the height of the vase, they range in height from about 40cm to 70cm. They range in price from $35.00 for a small and up to $100+ for a large. Also, depending on the price of the vase, prices may vary.

Once you have one tree, you will be captivated, excited and addicted, and want more. Join the fun and adorn your favourite room with a breath taking Fantasy Bead Wire Tree. If you would like to purchase a Fantasy Bead Wire Tree or want more information, please contact us at


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